This is a beautiful litter, all great weights and doing well.  Tails and dew claws removed.  A $300.00 non-refundable deposit will be taken now to determine the picking order.  Selling price is $2,000.00.

White Female  Melia pick

White Female  Jay

White Female  Multi color collar  available

Dark Female Philip/Lydia

Dark Female  John

Dark Male red sold

Dark Male  blue collar  available
Saturday August 12th
The puppies are now 3 weeks old.  They are doing great.  They were bathed, groomed, nails trimmed, wormed, and started eating mush.  
They are all darling and love to be held and cuddled.  
Saturday Aug. 19th 
Puppies are 4 weeks old. They are amazing!  They had their first two times outside.  Wasn't quite sure what the grass was the first time.  Now they love it.  Bathed, blow out and groomed.  Wormed and eating mush twice a day.  Slept all night last night.  Got up with a clean bed.  Yea!  Went outside first thing to pottie and it went great. 
Saturday August 26th
Puppies are 5 weeks old. 
Bathed, groomed and wormed.  Love being outside and playing in the grass.  Starting to show individual personalities. Sleeping all night.  
Saturday September 2nd Puppies are now 6 weeks old.  Bathed, groomed, and neo-par given  Doing well sleeping all night and going outside to potty.  They are darling puppies.  
Saturday September 9th Puppies are doing great! Bathed, groomed and wormed last time.  Aptitude testing will be done later today. They are 7 weeks old now and are going up and down steps easily.  Love to run and play on the grass.  Love their toys!  
Puppies are now 8 weeks old.  Many have gone to their new homes.  Two puppies are available!  
White female Multi collar
and dark male blue collar. Both are darling, crate trained at night and doing great on house training.  Groomed weekly, vaccinated and micro-chipped.  If you are looking for a new family member these puppies are a must see.  
Star and Deacon whelped 7 beautiful puppies on July 22 2017.  Three white females, two dark females and two dark males.  Individual photos below!
Deacon finished his AKC Championship with 4 majors! He is just 14 months old here.  He is the sire of the litter.  He is now 2 years old and working on his AKC Grand Championship.  He is also a UKC Grand Champ.
Deacons win in Eagle Colorado 
Star won a Major with AKC at Eagle Colorado. She is a UKC Grand Champion and won a Best in Show! 
Star has beautiful features. 
All puppies are a great weight and doing wonderful!
White female:  Multi collar  Beautiful conformation!  Show or pet!  Available.  
Blue collar male, Available!  Darling personality,  great scores on aptitude test.  Crate trained at night, doing great on house training, groomed weekly since 4 weeks old.  
White Female whelped 1st at 9am  Pink collar. 11.1 oz
White female pink collar, nice pigment, 3 days old 14.2 oz. tail,dew claw cut
white female, pink collar, 10 days old,   1.2 lbs
White female Pink collar 3 weeks old,    2.12 lbs
Below White female Pink collar, 4 weeks old. 4.5 lbs
White female, Pink collar 6 weeks old, bathed, groomed wormed and neo-par given. 
White female, whelped 5th, at 10:27 am, mint collar,  1.02 lbs amazing pigment
White female, mint collar, 1.20 lbs. 3 days great pigment, tail and dew claws trimmed.
white female  mint collar
10 days old,   1.4 lbs
White female Mint collar, 3 weeks old,  2.14 lbs.
Below: White female mint collar, 4 weeks old, 4.0 lbs
White female mint collar, 6 weeks old, 
White Female multi collar whelped 3rd at 9:35 AM, 14.0 oz.
White female Multi collar, 3 days old, tail and dew claw trimmed, 1.21 lbs
white female, multi collar,
10 days old,  2.34 lbs
White female Multi collar, 3 weeks old,  3.56 lbs.
Below: White female Multi collar, 4 weeks old, 5.0 lbs
White female, multi collar, 6 weeks old,  AVAILABLE! 
Dark Female, whelped 7th at 2:20 pm, orange collar, 14.3 oz.  
Dark female, possibly silver or blue, 3 days old 15.2 oz
dark female, orange collar
10 days old,  1.4 lbs
Orange collar female, 3 weeks old,  3.02 lbs
Below: Dark female, orange collar, 4 weeks old, 4.5 lbs
Below, Dark female orange collar, 6 weeks old
Dark Female, white collar, whelped second at 9:10 am
13.4 oz. 
Dark female, blue or silver, 3 days old, white collar, 1.03 lbs,
dark female,  white collar,
10 days old,  1.3 lbs
Dark female, white collar 3 weeks old,  2.14 lbs.
Below: dark female, white collar, 4 weeks old, 4.5 lbs
Below, Dark female white collar 6 weeks old
Dark male whelped fourth at 10:05 am,  yellow collar, weighting 13.3 oz
Dark male, silver or blue, 3 days old, tail and dew claws removed, 14.8 oz Yellow collar,
dark male, was yellow now blue collar, 10 days 1.97 lb
Dark male, blue collar   3 weeks old,  2.12 lbs
Below: Dark male, blue collar, 4 weeks old, 3.9 lbs
Below dark male blue collar 6 weeks old!  AVAILABLE! 
Dark Male, whelped 6th at 12:31 pm, weighing 13.3 oz. Red collar
Dark Male red collar, silver or blue, 3 days old, tail and dew claws cut, 1.20 lbs.
dark male, red collar
10 days old,  2.4 lbs
Dark male,  red collar  3 weeks old,  3.11 lbs.
Dark male, red collar, 4 weeks old.  5.0  lbs.
Below Red collar dark male He is 6 weeks old
Mint collar female loves to pose for photos
white females   3 weeks old
4 weeks old, First time outside on grass!
Below is the litter at 6 weeks old, bathed, groomed and vaccinated.  
Madyson is such a great help training the puppies.  They love her so much!
first mush    3 weeks old   
Litter at 10 days old!  Growing like weeds!