This is a darling litter.  Sadie is an amazing mom. The puppies had tails cut and dew claw removed. They are all doing great!
We are now taking a $300.00 deposit to hold a puppy for you.  The picking order is determined by how the deposit is received.  The selling price is $2000.00 The puppies will be sold with a spay/neuter contract.  They will have limited registration with UKC.  
The picking order is as follows.

1st pick female:  Dan Purple collar Sold  
Pink collar sold: Heather
3rd pick female:Multi sold Matt
4th pick female:
5th pick female:

Phantoms are all male: The selling price for the phantom and brindle puppies is $2,200.00 
1st Pick phantom: Debra Yellow collar sold
2nd pick Brindle Sold Thea
3rd pick phantom:Mark and Shirley

1st pick male: Lisa
2nd pick male; Lisa
3rd pick male: Thane
4th pick male: Lois
Week 1:  All doing great! Sadie is a great mom and taking really good care of all 12 puppies.  I'm getting up ever 1 1/2 hours to make sure everyone get enough milk
Week 2:  Everyone is over a pound with the exception of lilac and multi and they have both doubled their weight. Eyes are opening and they are moving around like soldiers.  I only get up a couple times  a night now.  They are all eating on their own.
Week 4:  Everyone got bathed and groomed.  They all did well.
Puppies are 8 weeks old! They are vaccinated, wormed, and have an AKC micro-chip installed. They are all doing great.  They are crate training at night. They have been bathed and groomed with a forced air dryer since 4 weeks old.  You are welcome to come and visit them at anytime now. 
Puppies are now 14 weeks old.  They are complete on vaccinations and have an AKC micro-chip installed.  They have been groomed weekly since 4 weeks old with a forced air dryer.  They are crate trained at night and doing great on house training. They have been on car rides and started lead training.  There are two females, one black male, one black abstract male and one phantom male available.
Puppies are now 4 months old.  There are three available!  Lilac and Teal Females and blue collar black abstract male.  They are doing great!  They are crate trained at night and doing great on house training.  They are vaccinated and wormed.  they have an akc micro-chip installed.  They have been on car rides and are lead training.  They have been groomed weekly with a forced air dryer.  They are happy, healthy, friendly, well socialized puppies.  
Sadie and Atlas Whelped 12 beautiful puppies on Thursday April 5th. 2018.
This is Sadie when she got her UKC Championship.  She got her points from winning group.  She is two years old here.  Sadie is now 3 1/2 years old and this is her first litter.   She has OFA hips good, normal rating on (DM) (NEwS) (vwd) Eyes cerf normal.  
This is Sadie showing with Megan when she was a puppy!
Below is Atlas when he finished his AKC Grand Championship.  He is an AKC/UKC and International Grand Champion.  He has CGC and RN.  He has OFA Hips good, normal rating on (DM) (NEwS) (vwd) and eyes cerf normal.  
Below is the female puppies available.  Multi is sold, Teal and lilac are available!
Dark female whelped ninth at 10am.  Teal collar, 7.3 oz
Below is dark female teal collar at 1 week. 12.5 oz
Below 2 weeks: Dark female teal collar.  1.33 lbs
Below at 3 weeks: Dark female with teal collar:  2.02 lbs
Below at 5 weeks is dark female with teal collar.  bathed and groomed.
Below at 7 weeks old is teal collar female.  
Dark female teal collar 9 weeks
Below is Teal collar female at 11 weeks old
Below is black female teal collar at 14 weeks old.
Dark female whelped 11th at 11:50 am lilac collar 6.0 oz
Below is dark female lilac collar at 1 week: 9.1 oz. 
Below 2 weeks old: dark female lilac collar.  14.oz
Below at 3 weeks:  Dark female lilac collar:  1.42 lbs
Below at 5 weeks is dark female with lilac collar.  bathed and groomed
Below at 7 weeks old is lilac collar female.  
Dark female Lilac collar 9 wks
Below is black female lilac collar at 11 weeks
Black female lilac collar 14 weeks old!
Litter out playing in their new playpen.  They love being outside.  
Below is the litter at 1 week old.  All doing Great!
Sadie with her litter at 1 week old.  She feeds them 1/2 at a time.  The other 1/2 of the litter enjoys the heating pad.
Below is Sadie with her litter at 2 weeks.  They are getting so big.  All love to be held and cuddled.  nails clipped, trimmed bottoms, eyes are opening!