Desi (Lacy Lanes Destined for Fame) Whelped a beautiful litter of 5 on Dec. 14th.
Sire Dragon (MagicCastle Ivory Dragon) Both are health tested with good results.
Desi got a group 3 and 5 point major at the South Jordan show May 2016.  She is a UKC Grand Champion, Bahamas Champion, International Champion, and has 11 AKC points including her majors.  He has OFA hips good, eyes cerf normal and normal rating on (DM) (NEwS) (vwd).  
Dragon is an AKC Grand Champion and only needs 4 points to get his Bronze.  He has OFA Excellent hips, elbows good, Normal rating on (DM) (NEwS) (Vwd).  cardiac clear.  
Silver male at 6 weeks old. Sold
Teal collar silver Female
Teal collar silver female on Christmas day.  2.37 lbs
Below is teal collar silver female on New Years day. 3.21 lbs 
Below is the silver female with teal collar at 4 weeks old.  face, feet and tail trimmed. 
below is teal collar silver female at 5 weeks.  Bathed and groomed.  wormed twice
Silver female teal collar at 6 weeks old.  She is the pick of litter!  Beautiful conformation!
Below is white female purple collar at 6 weeks old!   spoken for!
Below is white female 10 weeks  old.  
Below is silver female with pink collar at 6 weeks old  Sold!
Below is silver female multi collar at 6 weeks old  Sold!
Multi with feet up showing that she will be a silver 
Below is the silver female with the teal collar.  She is hanging in the corner.  Look so compfy.
Desi and puppies at 4 week old. 
Below is Desi wrapped and ready to deliver puppies
Below is bath time at 5 weeks old!  They love it!
Below the puppies are playing in the yard.  They love the snow.
Below is silver female at 10 weeks old.
Below are the three silver females.  They are already turning silver on their muzzles.  They got their faces, feet and tails trimmed.  4 weeks old today.  
Below the three silver females at 8 weeks old!