Buddy age 11  playing with his puppies
poodles playing in the hay field
resting after playing in the hay field
Puppies playing in the snow,
Poodles love snow!
Buddy         playing ball
at 11 years old
D'Artagnon and Sabine playing in the creek.
Crystal/D'Artagnon litter 2012
Play time
playing catch together
Wild turkeys in the garden spot on Christmas day 2012
Dinner time
Roxy when she got her championship
All the poodles getting a drink from the stream after running through the hay field.
Desi showing in Logan
Abbie as a puppy

Abbie was sold to Josh at Mountain Standard Poodles.

She is out of Crystal and Rover.  

Pick of litter female 2014 she will be showing next spring in California.
Prada whelped from Crystal/D'Artagnon she is a Canadian Champion and working on her AKC and UKC Championship. She is owned by Kailien at Dewinter Poodles.
Desi is turning into an amazing show dog.  She has great conformation.  She is also a fun, happy dog to have in our home.

About Lacy Lane Poodles

winter at the North House!
I have been a small hobby Standard Poodle breeder for 18 years.  My first Standard Poodle was a rescue.  He was so amazing.  His life had started with neglect and abuse,Then he came to our home and our family loved him and made his last year of life, fun and enjoyable. We then got Midnight Medallion Lace, (Lacy)  She was my best friend, went everywhere I went, with very few exceptions.  She had amazing conformation and a great personality. I was put in contact with Lynn Carver who was a Standard Poodle groomer, handler and lover. She found an AKC Champion to breed with Lacy.  His name is Ch. Bay Breeze Norman Rockwell.  That is were Lacy Lane Poodles started.  We have three male Standard Poodles Midnight Bay Breeze Buddy: whelped 4/2001 he is Black AKC/UKC/CKC UKC Champion, good rating on OFA hips, eyes Cerf, (DM) (vWD) (NEwS) all  normal and AKC DNA.  Minarets Red Rover Bandero: 9/11/2007 he is red AKC/UKC with good ratings on eyes, good ratings on OFA hips normal rating on (NEwS) (vWD)  and  AKC DNA and now we have Atlas whelped 4/13/2012 He is an AKC/UKC Grand Champion with good OFA hips and eyes cerf normal, normal rating on (DM) (NEwS) (vwd).  Our two females are Pinafore Crystal Princess: whelped 5/9/2004, she is white AKC/UKC with good rating on OFA hips and eyes. Normal ratings on (DM) (NEwS) and AKC DNA.  Pinafore Roxy Rockwell:  whelped 10/4/2006, she is blue AKC/UKC, UKC Champion with good ratings on OFA hips and eyes, normal rating  on (NEwS) (vWD).  Princes Lucy at Lacy Lane is White, whelped 12/13/11, She has OFA hips good, eyes cerf normal, normal rating on (DM) (NEwS) (vwd). Lacy Lanes Destined for Fame (Desi) Silver, whelped 12/28/2012 with normal rating on (DM) (NEwS) (vwd)   
We live on a small farm in Daniel Utah. Our  Poodles are amazing  family members  who  love to run and play in the alfalfa fields and point out wild turkeys.  Then they like to ride the 4-wheeler back to the house.  They are avid ball retrievers and will play catch until the kids get tired and come in the house. They love the snow and think it is the perfect playground.   We are now part of a Standard Poodle Play group that meets once a month in Park City Ut. They all enjoy socializing and  playing with the other poodles.
I have been a Standard Poodle breeder for 18 years.  I owned poodles from childhood on till now.  Standard Poodles are my passion.  They are intelligent, loyal, friendly, happy, healthy, family members.  My family would not be complete without our Standard Poodles.  They bring so much joy, happiness and 
entertainment to our lives. They are the perfect family pet.  Poodles are non-shedding and non-allergic.  They are extremely intelligent and easy to train.  They want to be a part of whatever you are doing.  Even if it's working on the computer like right now.  They are all here helping me write this page.  
This is Lacy, She was the best friend ever, loving, loyal and wanted to go wherever I went and do whatever I was doing.  She passed away at the age of 13 and is missed every day.
Millie (Red Sable)  UKC loves to ride the 4-wheeler. OFA hips good,  Eyes cerf normal. Out of Rover/Ginger clear on  (DM) (NEwS) and (VWD).  Whelped on 7/11/2009
Roxy  (Blue female) AKC/UKC UKC Champion  out of Crystal and Buddy.  OFA hips good, eyes cerf normal, (DM)(NEwS) (VWd) all normal ratings.  Whelped 10/4/2006  Passed  Nov/2019
Buddy (Black)  AKC/UKC/CKC  UKC Champion. OFA hips good, eyes cerf normal, (DM) (NEwS)(VWD) normal rating, AKC DNA.
Minarets Red Rover Bandero  (Red/Apricot) AKC/UKC/CKC Minarets line. OFA hips good, eyes cerf. normal, (DM) (NEwS) (VWD) normal rating and AKC DNA. Rover has a 12 yr generation  COI of 4.75
Crystal AKC/UKC/CKC out of Champion Pinafore Lines. OFA hips good, eyes cerf normal, (DM) (NEwS) (VWD) normal ratings, AKC DNA. 

Lucy is out of Roxy/Rover. She is 2 1/2 years old.  She is clear on (DM) (NEwS) (VWD) with good rating on OFA hips and eyes cerf normal.  Whelped on 12/13/2011

Atlas is 2 years old, whelped on  4/13/2012.  He has clear rating on (DM) (NEwS) (vwd) and eyes cerf normal. He has OFA good hips.
Whisper (on left) Sky in midle and Desi (on right)  All showing at the Blackfoot show in June 2019.  Sky won best male 4 out of 5 shows. 
This is Aspen:  Lacy Lanes Rocky Mountain High.  She is 2 and absolutely beautiful.  She is a UKC Grand Champion.  She has clear DNA.  Whelped on 4/15/2017