Lucy having nap time on her favorite bed.

Atlas playing in the snow

Desi waiting to show
Star waiting to show
Prada resting between shows.
Megan with her new puppy Sadie.
Nap time at the show, Lexi in one crate and Atlas in the other.
Desi listening carefully.
Crystal at 10 yrs old
Lucy with her first litter

Our Dog Family

This is the five generations of Lacy Lane Poodles.  Buddy 14 yrs. (right front, laying down) whelped in Lacy's first litter.  Crystal 10 yrs. (white, right back) Crystal/Buddy whelped Roxy 8 yrs, (Blue at my side on right, by Buddy and Crystal) Roxy/Rover whelped Lucy 3 yrs. (white on the left side)  Lucy/D'Artagnon whelped, Star 4 months (silver in front of me)  All happy, healthy, and loved.

This is Lacy Lanes Rocky Mountain High  (Aspen)  She is the new addition to our family.  she will be showing in fall 2017.  Whelped on 4/15/2017  Sire J'J's I'll Call you Bluff.
This is our newest addition.  Lacy Lanes Sapphire Ocean Breeze.  Whisper!  She is growing hair and getting ready to show!
This is Atlas and Crystal playing in the snow 2014. 
Roxy (Blue) AKC/UKC  OFA hips good  Eyes cerf. normal rating on (DM) (NEwS) (vwd) 
Roxy (Blue female) AKC/UKC Champion 6 yrs old
Buddy (Black)  AKC/UKC/CKC UKC Champion out of AKC Champion Bay Breeze Norman Rockwell  
OFA hips good, eyes cerf, (DM) (NEwS) (vwd) normal & AKC DNA
10 years old, won best of breed.
Buddy at AKC show  (age 2 yrs.) 
Buddy has sired many beautiful Standard Poodle puppies here at Lacy Lane Poodles, He is amazing!
Melia with Roxy
Roxy as a puppy  (Blue Female)
Buddy at show,  9 yrs old 
Kailien with Buddy on left and Sabine on right she is one of the puppies sired by Buddy.  Sabine is a UKC Grand Champion
Crystal (White)  Buddy (Black) on right  Roxy (Blue) on back left
Crystal (White) Out of Two Pinafore AKC Champions with 
9 AKC Champions in her three generation pedigree.
Crystal has good rating on OFA hips and eyes cerf,
Normal ratings on (DM) (NEwS) and AKC DNA.
Crystal is the grandma at Lacy lane poodles.  She is now spayed. 
This female is Lucy, she is out of Roxy and Rover.  She whelped on December 13th 2011.
Lucy at 2 1/2 years old.
Atlas is 8 months old.  He is out of Buddy and Abby
Atlas 19 months old. UKC Champion, listed 5th in the top 10 of UKC Standard Poodles.  9 AKC points
Lucy playing with the poodles in the hay field
Madyson giving Miss Kitty a big hug
Atlas and Madyson sharing the dog bed.

Happy Birthday to Atlas,  he turned two!


Madyson and Atlas riding in the car.

Lucy (white) Desi (silver) both beautiful females. Very happy, friendly, playful. 

Atlas got all groomed today, Aug 10 2107 but all he cares about is playing ball!
Atlas got a new do today!  Modified Continental Clip!  No more banding!  He loves it!  January 2020