Show Photos/Results

At the IABCA show in December 2020.  We showed Desi (silver) Whisper (Blue) Aspen (Cream) and Sky (Cream)  They won Best in Show Family Group.  I am very proud of this bloodline.  
Whisper IABCA show December 2020.  Won BEST in SHOW two shows!  Her hair is a little flat in the photo but she looked great.  She also won Best Bred By Best in Show Twice in the weekend.  Super Excited !  
Below is Sky and Melia.  Sky finished his AKC Championship in Cheyenne in Oct 2020.  He also got a 5 point major and champion defeat toward his Grand Championship!
This is Lacy Lanes Sapphire Ocean Breeze (Whisper)  She is a blue.  I wanted to show everyone what a Blue Standard Poodle looks like. 
UKC show Feb 2020:  Aspen white got her Grand Championship, Whisper Blue got her Grand Championship and Sadie won Reserve a few shows.  
Below is Madyson showing Whisper and Emily showing Atlas.  Madyson won Best Junior handler and Emily won Reserve Best Junior handler.  Great Job Girls.  
This is Pearl.  She will be one in December 2019.  Her coat is coming along great!  
Melia and Paisley won Best in Show at the UKC show June 2019.
Below is Madyson and Atlas showing in Logan Ut. 2019.  Madyson just turned 9 and is now showing AKC.  She has done really well.  She is ranked in the top 10 Junior showman with UKC.  
Below is Sky showing in Logan Ut. June 2019.  He won best Male, Best of Breed and a Group 2.  
AKC South Jordan shows:  Sky won best of breed, best of winners, owner handler two days.  Best of Opposite on another day.  and winners dog the other day.
Melia and Paisley showed beautifully at the UKC show last weekend.  Nov 2018.  Paisley won best female two shows and finished her UKC Championship.  Lacy Lanes Diamond in the Ruff.  
Melia and Paisley at the UKC show in Nov. 2018.  
Melia showed Whisper at her first UKC show.  She won her class.  I'm very proud of this young female.  Lacy Lanes Sapphire Ocean Breeze.  Nov 2018
Midnight Summer Sky at Lacy Lane is now a UKC Champion!  He also has two wins toward his Grand Championship! He turned one last week!  November UKC show 2018
Lacy Lanes Diamond in the Ruff (Paisley).  Love this movement shot.  Taken by Critters photography.  
Madyson and Atlas won their group of Best Junior handler!  They love showing with the UKC and will be showing next spring at the AKC shows.  
Below is our new Blue show Female (Lacy Lane Sapphire Ocean Breeze)  Whisper.  She is very sweet and ready to show next spring.  She is 10 months old!
Lacy Lanes Midnight Summer Sky, got his big boy hair cut at 10 months old.  Looking great!
Below is Aspen (Lacy Lanes Rocky Mountain High)  She whelped on April 15th 2017.  She is growing coat and getting ready to show.  
Desi won Best in Show Bred by
This is Midnight Summer Sky at Lacy Lane.  (Sky)  He won Best Puppy in show.  He is 7 months old and I am loving his conformation and movement!
Madyson and Atlas won Reserve Best in Show at the IABCA show!
This is a Desi/Seth puppy.  She is 6 months old now and is going to start her show carrier in a couple weeks.  Can wait to see how she does in the ring.  Lacy Lanes Rocky Mountain High.  (Aspen)
Below is Aspen in her continental clip. She is ready to show!
Atlas is now an AKC/UKC and Bahamas Grand Champion.  He also has his (RN) and (CGC).
Deacon won 4 out of 5 UKC Shows in Farmington in Feb 17. He is now a UKC Grand Champion and is ranked #1 in the Top 10 so far.
Deacon won his 4th major and finished his AKC Championship at Farmington.  He and Melia did a great job!
Star just got her UKC Grand Championship
Below is Star (Lacy Lanes Light up the Sky)  She is almost 2 and won Best in Show at the UKC show in June 2016.
Picture below:  Melia with Star (silver female)  won AKC Best of Winners on Sunday at Eagle Co. for a Major.  Deacon (white male)  Won AKC Best of Winners on Saturday for his third Major.  
Atlas won the Breed, he got a Group two and now is an International Champion!
Atlas got his Rally Title (RN) while competing in the Bahamas!  He is such a great dog!
Atlas AKC/UKC Grand Champion
below is Desi on 5/9/16 ready to show at South Jordan.
South Jordan line up in open females.  Beautiful line up.  Eclipse won, she is the third from the front with Don Chowning.  She finished her Championship!  Lacy Lanes Silver Eclipse!
Desi (silver) 3 years old,                                 UKC Grand Champion,   11 AKC points
Desi is now a UKC Grand Champion! 11/2015
Below:  This is Melia's female Star.  She is now a UKC Champion!
She has one win toward her UKC Grand Championship.
Below:  Alexis won best Junior showman on Saturday.  She showed Brindley, Lacy Lanes Tantalizing Tigress.  She is just 7 months old and both of them did a wonderful job.  Brindley won all three shows in the Multi poodle group.  
Below is Madyson:  She is 5 years old, she is showing Atlas. She won the Junior Best Showman on Sunday. 
Below:  Atlas with Don Chowning and Myself.  He is now an AKC Grand Champion!  Thanks to Don and Roberta for all their help and hard work. 
Desi won a Non-sporting group 3rd at the South Jordan show
Below: Desi won Best of Variety on Saturday at the AKC South Jordan show.  She got a Major!
Atlas is ranked #5 in the top 10 for UKC in 2014.  He has stayed in the top 10 for 2 yrs.
The UKC show:  Kailien showing Prada and I'm showing Desi.  Great day!
Melia showed Star at the UKC show.  They did a great job!
Megan showed her new puppy Sadie at the UKC show.  They did great!
Alexis showed Atlas at the UKC show and won best Junior showman.  She did an amazing job. 
Lacy Lanes Destined for Fame won Best of Breed, Won Gun dog Group on Saturday Feb 14th.  She is amazing.  She is a UKC Champion and working on her Grand Championship. 
Atlas is now a UKC Grand Champion!
Atlas : 9/2014 Farmington show.  Won Best of Variety.  He is an AKC Champion, has 15 points toward his AKC Grand.  He is a UKC Grand Champion and is ranked #5 in the top 10 for UKC Standard Poodles. 

Desi: 9/2014  Won Best of Opposite at the AKC show in Farmington.  She is now pointed.

She is a UKC Champion and has two wins toward her Grand. 

Desi  (front center) Won Best of Opposite on Sunday at the AKC Farmington show.  Atlas (Back Right) won Best of Opposite on Saturday.  Best of Breed on Sunday.  Eclipse (back left) won reserve best Female both days.
Atlas won {Best in Show} at the Farmington show on 6/28/14
Atlas is ranked #1 in Standard Poodles for the UKC in 2014.  He is doing Great!
Atlas won two 3 point Majors at the South Jordan show.  He is now an AKC Champion!  He is working on his Grand.
Atlas won group 1, at the Farmington show, 4/12-13/2014.  He is ranked #1 in the top 10 for UKC Standard Poodles this year.
Atlas won Reserve Champion of the UKC show in Farmington on Friday, November 15th.  Wow!
Atlas won at the AKC Idaho show Best of Winners, Best of opposite 
Atlas has won 7 of the 8  AKC  shows Don and Roberta Chowning have shown him in.  Great Job! Thanks Don and Roberta.
Atlas won the AKC show in Farmington Ut. Best of Winners
Atlas won at the Logan Ut. show Best of Winners
This is the UKC top ten list for 2013.  Atlas is ranked as #5
Desi just got her big girl hair do.  She looks amazing!

Atlas in the Best in Show Class 11/15/13
He won Reserve Champion! 
He is Amazing
Atlas showed this weekend in Farmington.  He won Best Male, Best in Breed, and placed 2nd in Group. Great Job!
Atlas showing,  took best male both days, second day took Best in Breed.
Atlas showing in Group,  took second place in Group!
Debra showing Loddie and I am showing Desi.  Litter mates from Roxy/D'Artagnon litter whelped in Dec. 2012.  Learning to show at 3 1/2 months.  Great Fun!
Heather showing Prada,  she took best female/ Best in Breed and 4th place in group.  Prada is out of Crystal/D'Artagnon June 2012. 
AKC Show in Logan Ut.  Atlas Won!  Best in Breed and Best of Winners.  He is now an AKC Pointed dog.  
Atlas waiting to show!

Melia (in peach jacket) showing Desi (Silver female) at Farmington show 2/15/2014

This beautiful Female is Eclipse.  She is out of Roxy/D'Artagnon's litter July 13.  She won Best female  both shows in Logan Utah.  Way to go Christina.
Atlas won Best in Breed on Saturday in Logan.  He got a Select on Sunday. 
Desi Won Reserve best Female on both days in Logan.
Isabella showing Loddie (silver) and Lexi showing Atlas (Black) at the Farmington show in June 2014.  Both girls did excellent with their showing ability.