Millie as a puppy
Lucy as a puppy
Prada at 7 months, she is out of Crystal and D'Artagnon 2012
Poodles love to play in the snow
Madyson Millie and puppies
All dressed up for Christmas!
Gingers beautiful black puppies
Run Poodles Run
Buddy, saying give me that toy!
Crystal,  She is the grandma here.  She is beautiful!
Desi and her new friend waiting to show
OK I'm all dressed up for Christmas wheres the presents?
I'm just soo tired

Wild Turkeys in back yard

Kitty's new litter 2014

Millies litter 2013

Poodles waiting to be in the Miners Day Parade 2014 Park City Utah

Silver female 2013 

Cream puppies 2010
Dante is the show male from Roxy/D'Artagnon July 2013. 
Dante at the groomer
Dante at the groomer

Eclipse and Dante are from the same litter.

This is Bo he lives with his family in California.  He is out of Millie. 
This female puppy is out of Millie.
Melia and Rover 2008
Puppy Shadow waiting for his parents to come and take him home.  He loved being held. 2014
Buddy (13) Crystal (10) playing in the yard 2014

Amazing Standard Poodle puppies for Sale  

AKC/UKC/CKC  Champion/ Grand Champion lines

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We have great blood lines including Pinafore, Bay Breeze and Minaret's. With health testing good on OFA hips, eyes, (DM) (NEwS) (vWD)  and AKC DNA.  
Standard poodles were first registered with the AKC in 1887. They were first bred as a working hunter and a duck retriever. They are amazing retrievers and love to play.  Poodles are very social and enjoy playing with other dogs and all ages of people. They love water sports. Poodles are an  excellent family member who will enjoy what ever the family is doing. Just as long as they are included.  Poodles are non-shedding and non-allergic.  
If you are looking for an amazing new family member, please come and visit our Poodle family at 1190 E 3600 S Heber Utah.
If you already own a Standard Poodle please join us at our new Poodle Play group.  We meet in Park City Utah once a month at the dog park located at the intersection of Old Ranch Road and Split Rail.  We meet the first weekend of each month at 10am both days.You can get information on  It is a great time to let your Poodle socialize.  

This is Buddy (black)  who is almost 13 years old and Crystal (white)  who is 10 years old.  
Atlas (black) 3 years old, AKC/UKC Grand Champion.    Desi (Silver) 2 years old, UKC Gr. Champion, 11 AKC points.
Coco lives in SLC with her family   She is out of Roxy and Rover
Atlas 9 months old.  Out of Buddy and Abbie
This is Desi    She is our new addition    Lacy Lanes Destined for fame  
This is the poodle play group in the Park City Miners Day Parade September 2012.
Today we had 17 poodles playing in the hay field.  They all had a great time.
Desi playing in the yard with her favorite toy.
Atlas and Kitty playing tug a war.  Just like kids, (that's mine, no that's mine)

Atlas having his afternoon nap

Desi is now 1 yr old.  This is the puppy match in Farmington

Giving Loves
Crystal,  at 10 years old.
Buddy is 13 years old and Crystal is 10
Atlas is two years old now.
Buddy and Crystal playing in the yard 2014
Atlas playing catch in the yard.
This is Henry on the right, he is out of Roxy/Dartagnon. and Louis on the left.  They live in California.
Lucy is 2 1/2 years old.  She is out of Roxy/Rover
Desi is such a great listener!
Above is Breeze she is out of Atlas and Nike she will be showing starting 2016
Above:  Atlas got a new style today.  He loves it!